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30 Mar 2020

My home office setup in 2020

Here is what my home office looks like in 2020 and what changed between 2019 and 2020!
22 Mar 2020

Migrating from GKE to Civo's K3s

My free trial on GKE was ending in 2 days and I had to find a way to migrate away. I decided to switch to Civo's managed K3s.
14 Mar 2020

The Packet's-Eye View of a Kubernetes Service

The Service and Ingress respectively brings L4 and L7 traffics to your pods. In this article, I focus on how traffic flows in and what are the interactions between the ingress controller and the "service-lb" controller (the things that creates the external load balancer). I also detail how the 'hostPort' approach shapes traffic.
27 Feb 2020

You should write comments

We often talk about avoiding unecessary comments that needlessly paraphrase what the code does. In this article, I gathered some thoughts about why writing comments is as important as writing the code itself.
26 Jan 2020

Debugging Kubernetes Networking: my kube-dns is not working!

Some pods were unable to connect to the kube-proxy pod on one of my GKE Kubernetes clusters. This post present an in-depth investigation using tcpdump, wireshark and iptables tracing.
20 Jan 2020

Avoid GKE's expensive load balancer by using hostPort

I want to avoid using the expensive Google Network Load Balancer and instead do the load balancing in-cluster using akrobateo, which acts as a LoadBalancer controller.
06 Jan 2020

What to do when Go ignores HTTP_PROXY for

At some point, the Go team chose to disable the proxy for requests coming from localhost or This is annoying when debugging services locally.
23 Nov 2019

Go Happy Path: the Unindented Line of Sight

Readability is a properly we all love about Go. In other languages, it might be fine to have a lot of nested if statements; in Go, it is a good practice to keep away from overly-nested logic.
13 Nov 2019

GO111MODULE is everywhere: history and tips

GO111MODULE is all over the place. It appears in README install instructions, in Dockerfiles, in makefiles. On top of that, the behavior of GO111MODULE has changed from Go 1.11 to 1.12, changed again with 1.13 and will changed a last time in 1.14.
12 Nov 2019

Use of conditions in Kubernetes controllers

Although progress is being made, Kubernetes controllers and operators still require prior knowledge about Kubernetes internals. Information on how to set the status is scattered across comments, issues, PRs and the Kubernetes code itself. Conditions may be a good solution for your controller, but for what?